Inktober prompt : tasty

Meerkats are always a favourite with kids at the zoo, these cute little furry creatures stood up on their hind legs looking about.

Of course this behaviour in a zoo is just a reflection of what they’d do in their natural habitat, always on the lookout for their predators. Eagles and other predatory birds, snakes and hyenas all find meerkats very tasty.

This was painted with a Pentel ink brush pen on A5 bright white paper and is for sale in my Shop


    • Many thanks, very kind.

      I wouldn’t say that the drwings have necessarily improved as I’ve gone along but I would say that I’ve definitely learnt along the way.

      I need to set a reminder for September 2020 to disconnect from social media so I don’t get tempted to get sucked into it again (famous last words) 😉


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