Tanuki Racoon Dog

Inktober prompt : misfit

Is this a racoon? Is it a dog? Well, it’s a bit of a misfit – it’s a Racoon-Dog !!

As it happens, they’re not actually related to racoons despite their markings and similarity in looks. They also climb trees for fruit which isn’t something your average dog is likely to do.

They have lovely fur coats and unfortunately that is a problem. As they are so cute and with thick luscious fur, they are farmed in China just for their coats and often kept in terrible conditions in tiny wire cages.

There has been outrage as the fur industry refers to them as “Asiatac raccoon” and indeed even sold raccoon-dog skins as faux fur.

They are well-known in folklore as Tanuki and statues of them can be found to bring good fortune. It’s a real shame they don’t have the good fortune themselves as they are brutally treated, skinned alive and fully concious.

If you can refuse to buy fur of any kind that would be the best bet to reduce demand and hopefully reduce the insane cruelty that occurs. It’ll never be totally eliminated as long as humans are around because as a species we’re greedy, vain and can conveniently ignore the consequences of our actions.

This was drawn with Pentel permanent black ink on Canson 1557 180gsm bright white heavy paper.

Source photo : Pixabay Bru-nO


    • Many thanks Alison.

      It’s been a bit of a struggle the past few days, I’m running slightly behind at the moment.

      Unfortunately it does mean that I’m only really posting up as I don’t have much time for reading others. Not unsociable, just a practicality. At the end of the month I’ll have a binge catch up and give the art creation a rest. 😴💤


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