Not plane sailing 🛩️

It’s been a couple of months since transferring my website onto a different provider.  I know some fellow WordPressers expressed an interest in my experiences in moving from a site to a self-hosted site.

Whilst I checked beforehand that my followers would erm…follow me…uninterrupted over to the new site it would appear it’s not that straightforward.  No surprise there really, technology is genuinely surprising when it actually does what it’s supposed to.

I should’ve guessed that something went wrong when my follower count dropped by about a third and in addition my new posts weren’t getting any likes which was unusual – had I really gotten so bad that I’d gone from getting a few “ticks of approval” for my drawings down to zero visits and zero likes? 😩

Whilst I’m not overly bothered about like counts, etc. it was indicative of an issue, and it was directly following my website transfer it seemed clear that must be the case.

WordPress have had a look and made some suggestions. For some reason it looks like subscriptions of a certain type may have dropped the email notification setting for some unexplained reason.

It’s readily resolvable by my subscribers (hopefully you for example) going to finding SteveKiddArt in the list and ticking the box in the Gear icon to follow the site by email.

Now, the dilemma is that those followers that are no longer aware I’m posting won’t see this… 😩


Anyways…  this is supposed to be an art website so here’s a bit of art…

Perhaps you may remember my quick couple of pencil sketches of some Cessna planes last year?

They were part of a mock-up for a logo design for an airport in California, one was picked which I’ve now digitised with the new toy (iPad) as it’s given me the ability to neaten up the design a bit and separate it into layers.  The layered idea is really for if the logo is stitched, the machine would stick each template in different colour thread.

I’ve done this little animation with the frames from the logo, hope you like it.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”7″ display=”basic_slideshow” pauseonhover=”0″ interval=”750″ transition_speed=”500″]




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