Two Years Anniversary.. and goodbye to :o

Yep, it’s been two years since I set up the “Steve Kidd Art” website!! But before I get on to that here’s an important bit of news regarding this website.

In the next few weeks I’ll be making some drastic changes to my website due for completion by April 2019, or likely even sooner.

The biggest change is that I’ll be moving away from hosting the site with and I’ll be moving to my own web hosting where I’ll be able to add new features and provide a better experience for my visitors. More work and expense for me, but more enjoyable for you – hey ho, such is life…

I have a few hundred subscribers via WP, some of which will be affected by the change and might not receive future updates to the site. I’ll be doing my level best to ensure that I don’t lose any followers in the transition but I’m well versed in the differences in theory and practice when it comes to technology. I’m especially fearful of the claim “easy migration” which often translates to “unrecoverable disaster”.

Will this affect you? If you scroll to the bottom of this page and see something similar to this…

You are following this blog, along with 125 other amazing people (manage).

Then yes, it may well do. You may want to subscribe with email to avoid missing out on future updates.

The site will always be available and updated frequently at the address. You can also simply type in the word stevekiddart into your browser bar and press Control-Enter !! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

Two Year Anniversary

It was a surprise to me that this website and associated social media gubbins have been going since March 2017.

Prior to that each artwork would only have been viewed by 3-4 people.

Now I see from the website stats that there were over 7,000 views in 2018 and already for 2019 I’m looking at over 8,000 and it’s not even Spring yet!!

It could be fairly daunting that over a thousand Instagram followers instantly see each new drawing I post but oddly I don’t feel any additional pressure that each next artwork has to be better, has to be more-more-more, that it has to be a masterpiece. The reality is that some of the simplest sketches and some that I almost didn’t post have been my most popular.

I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for looking at my webpage, subscribing, commenting, etc. There are some subscribers which are still with me since my first month amazingly. You are all top people with exquisite taste obviously 🙂

As for this website, statistically here’s the top five posts from the past two years

As with those weird sketches that internet people like the most I can’t begin to guess why these are at the top but there you go… here’s to the next year on the “New and Improved” website.

Top Five Blog Posts based on views

Blogger award nominations, new paint and how not to make a colour chart.

Watch where you’re pointing that pen bro…
Ballpoint Double Portrait 

Tree sketch comparison 

My Personal Choice for Top Five

Ed Sheeran
Mercedes Benz 540K Special Roadster
Lewis Hamilton, five times Formula One World Champion 

Ol’ Blue Eyes 
Ford Mustang 


  1. Hi Steve, I hope you are well! I was going through the same process but I decided that is probably too complicated and costly transfering to self hosted. I hope the whole operation goes well and there are no “disasters” as you said. Looking forward to seeing your new website and project!

    Liked by 1 person

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