A slow cat leads to the next idea…

Catwoman by Steve Kidd Art

A customer in France ordered an A3 print of my Catwoman picture over Christmas, due to the holiday break and some kind of delay with the print shop it wasn’t received for a few weeks.

Luckily the customer was understanding enough to realise that it was out of my hands as I don’t actually print these myself.

I think it’d be impossible, or at least with my extremely small volumes, uneconomical to be able to do art prints myself at a high enough quality. Inkjet printers can produce great results but when you’ve seen a giclée that’ll last a hundred years then you can see the real difference.

Anyway, as a reward for her patience I asked if she wanted to choose another character or superhero to paint and I’d send her a copy. I thought she made a great suggestion and in fact it was someone that was on my vast never-ending “to-do” list. (Artist’s block? never had it, never likely to…)

I don’t usually reveal artworks until they’re done on the basis that it could all go horrible wrong (been there, done that) however I’ve made a start on the next one… can you tell who this is going to be from this little snippet?

PS. If you never see this again then yes, it went horrible wrong... 


    • It’s not Action Man, but you’re absolutely correct about me not being particularly interested in the Marvel movies.

      None of the Marvel characters interest me. I can’t imagine I’ll be painting any of those anytime soon.


  1. I’m not up on my superheroes/super villains except for the classics. It looks off to a good start, whoever it is! Your Catwoman is amazing! Hoping it doesn’t go horribly wrong… I want to see who it is! 😀

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