Margate beach Donkeys ⛱️

I was aiming for a Turner-esque look here by basing this on a few of his sketches.

Joseph Mallord William Turner returned to Margate again and again, so much so that he’s considered a part-time resident of Margate.

Margate is a North facing beach so perhaps the light and shadow suited his artistic appetite, the horizon often disappears between the sea and the sky on a less than bright sunny day.

I’m led to believe that donkey rides along the beach were already an activity during his time though as far as I’m aware he didn’t do any donkey ride paintings.

I’ve been up this beach myself on a donkey as a boy but I think they’re no longer there. Possibly due to Health and Safety laws, either for the humans or the donkeys!


  1. Yes, I also like the warm haze you’ve achieved here.

    The donkeys disappeared from around here before I could have a go, but made a comeback a few years ago, on Great Yarmouth beach at least. I’m probably a bit too big to go for a ride now, sadly.

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    • Ah well… you didn’t miss that much if my memory serves me well. You hold onto a skanky rein whilst wobbling side to side at less than walking pace.

      The novelty is there when doing it as a child but as an adult it’s probably less fulfilling, I’d rather be galloping on a highly-strung stallion along the water’s edge but I think the Margate and Great Yarmouth authorities may have something to say about it.

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