La Tête de Veau €14,90

Portrait 34 of #100portraits100days – something a bit different from me.

Portrait 34? I hear you say…

Yep, I haven’t miscounted or cheated, here’s number 33. A sketch of a busker and a return to normality in case you didn’t like the one above.


    • Good interpretation, obviously interpretation of any artwork is not defined just by the artist but by the viewer.

      Here’s my take;

      “According to PETA, 198 are saved each year, per vegan person, but technically, none are. Animals are not saved or spared due to the amount of vegans in the world. However, less animals are “produced” to be slaughtered. So, maybe 198 animals per vegan are not produced to be killed.”

      So, ignoring childhood, and if that figure is to be believed (which I personally doubt) then that’s 4,950 produced and killed to sustain my years. Shame? Regret? Read into it what you will…

      I’m not a vegilante but it’s a message that will certainly appear in my work.

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      • Oh I feel it. That is a good message. I have tried to be vegan and can never seem to sustain it. I have enormous admiration and respect for those who do. And I hope I get there some day. 🙏

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