Barn Painting – Final Step and WIN IT FOR FREE !!!

Here’s the final stage of this painting, if you’ve been following these updates you could be hard-pressed to see any difference to the last one but there have been several subtle changes to bring it together as I intended.

As with last time, I’ve modified the sky yet again, sponging it to remove the hard line edges but still keeping that stormy cloud look.

I’ve also blended in some of the grass areas softening some of the hard lines and making the whole ground area look a bit more natural.

Keen tree spotters will notice that it’s hopefully looking a bit more natural and a bit more muted now (along with the barn) to give even more sense of distance.

Scroll down to see how you can WIN THIS PAINTING or even have it up on your wall within 5-10 mins by a miracle of the modern age !!




I’m doing a prize draw to run until 16th May 2018 – open to any followers of my website, through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.  If you’re a follower then you’re automatically entered.

Also increase your chances to win by TEN TIMES – for a limited time I’m selling it in my Etsy store as a super high resolution digital download for just £1 (plus any pesky local taxes) which you will get in all the major formats.  Can be used in a variety of ways…

Fine Art Wall Print (don’t print at this size, smaller = clearer)…


Desktop background…


Printed on a postcard or love letter…


Given as a gift to the local wildlife…



The choices are endless !!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this series on this painting, I’ll be adding it as a “Sticky” article in the near future for when the blogosphere has swept away these posts.





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