Barn painting – Step Three

… continuing with the barn painting, in with the green stuff at the bottom.

As with the sky, it was a case of wetting the area and laying in some colour patches and trying to remember to go a bit darker on the opposite corner to the dark patch on the sky in the top right.

Here’s a look at the palette, there’s the dark grey (almost black) in the corner and a patch of green. See that they’re blending together in the middle? Makes it fairly easy to pick up a variation of colour for dabbing on. Sometimes it’s desirable to aim for exact colour matches, exact patterns – for nature though I feel a bit of uncontrolled randomness is more appropriate.

A quick centre colour for the fence posts and leave it to dry for the next step.

To be continued…


    • Ha ha, cheers Alison. I wondered if you’d spotted the mention on the previous one 😜

      I may have got through a couple of those stages but there’s plenty of opportunities to muck it up to go. I almost breath a sigh of relief when I decide anythings finished. 😏


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