My first paint sketch, Lotus progress, new sales items and #artvsartist hashtag nonsense 🤡

This is my first urban sketch done without any drawing at all, it was a case of sit down, open the watercolour palette and start quickly whacking down some colour.

The last one in my book from a few days ago of the Justice Courts was overly detailed for this type of drawing, it took an hour to draw on-site and then several hours afterwards to paint in some colours at home. This one was 0 minutes drawing time, 5 mins of “seeing” time and 20 mins of paint.

The previous one wasn’t wasted time as such because I was doing it because I wanted to, however that kind of time would’ve been better spent on doing a “proper” picture rather than a sketch.

The paper in this Derwent sketchpad is fairly thick so it only slightly buckles with the water but I’ve noticed that it just sucks the colour and liquid straight out the brush. With a bit of research I think that it’s probably down to something called “sizing” which you get with proper watercolour paper which allows it to flow around on the surface a bit more. I’m new at the game so I’m still finding out these things but that could well be a factor in my next sketchbook purchase.

I’m nearly done on the Lotus drawing now, giving it a final push to get done. As I started this one a couple of years ago, put it away and only just resumed it to finish I’ve noticed several things that I wouldn’t do nowadays. It can be surprising with any learning where the progress can seem slow, to the point of seeming like you’re not advancing – and then you compare where you’ve come from and can clearly see the difference.

The main lessons learnt from this exercise;

  • don’t try and crosshatch a car on A3 paper with a pen nib measuring 0.05 mm.
  • stick with the same pen or pens throughout. I used a couple of different manufacturers on this and you can clearly see the difference in the darkness and the finish. The intention on this drawing was always to have it printed digitally so that should flatten the finish but I might have my work cut out on the darkness.
  • don’t put away unfinished pictures for so long when you’re first learning and when progress is fastest, even if it seems slow at the time.

I’ve selected another batch of original artworks I’ll be adding to my shop in the next few days. As with before I’m selling these one of a kind originals with no copies – not sure if this tactic is the best idea but time will tell… don’t really want to be redrawing pictures I miss, never the same second time round!!

And finally for this long post, I noticed a load of posts on Instagram as a 3×3 grid with a face in the middle. It turns out that there’s a fad of publishing artworks with a picture of the artist in the centre and a selection of artworks round the outside and hashtag it with #artvsartist . I decided to join in but didn’t exactly follow the rules.


An activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular.

“amateur artists seeking likes, loves and comments by jumping on the #artvsartist bandwagon


  1. Aha! I wondered what the deal was with the hashtag. I only came across it twice and here on WP not instagram! Anyway…. love the work in progress. And appreciate your sharing the process (if I ever get brave enough to try watercolors…) And you are brave saying goodbye to your originals! 😃😃

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    • Yeah, it’s only an issue if they actually sell of course 😜

      I’m currently making a complete hash of a watercolour portrait, I’ll be taking notes and posting it up when it’s fully ruined. If others can learn from my mistakes then I’m winning, assuming of course that I’m also learning from the mistakes 😯😬

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