Cat and Farm framed up 🖼️

Finally got around to framing up a couple of pictures to sell.

I figured that for some people they’d rather buy a ready to hang picture rather than one they need to find a frame for. I have to say, it really does finish off a picture nicely when it’s framed, I think  I may well do some more.

I also took the opportunity to update my much neglected shop, for people to buy stuff it actually has to be readily available.  And not, as I had it, sitting in a Draft or Inactive status 🤪

I’ve also changed the listed items in a major way, previously the listings I had were mainly fine art prints rather than the originals.  I’ve now removed most of those now and decided to sell the originals as unique items.

Selling originals obviously means that the stock quantity of each item is one.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!!

It also obviously means that I’m going to have to release my clutches on those pieces that I’ve poured hours into and would previously have kept hold of.  It’s true that you get emotionally attached to something you spent hours working at and creating.

One benefit is that it’ll be another driver to carry on producing more and more, and better and better, not that I needed much of a push as improvement was the aim anyway…

I’ll also add some giclée works later for those pictures that I don’t think would transport all that well.  Charcoal pictures just smudge when touched regardless of how much fixative is applied. I think fixative can affect the image as well to some extent.  Perhaps they should also be framed and mounted so the image is away from the glass… something to experiment with.

In case you wanted to take a look at the changes then here are the shop fronts on eBay or Etsy – the same items are in both but people have their own preferences as to what they’d use.


  1. These look great! Your frame choices are perfect for the paintings. I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point of having a space to sell art…. I think my illustrations might be sellable but the painting isn’t there yet. With charcoal pieces, is a matte around the piece is enough of a protection from the glass?

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