Two more mini-portraits and a couple of winters animals 🎅🏻👩🏻🐻🦊

Here’s another couple of the Sktchy mini portraits from this week.

They aren’t mini in size as such, in fact the ballpoint one is on the same paper and the exact same pen as the finely-shaded one from a couple of weeks back.

I think of them as being ‘mini’ more down to the time investment in doing them. They’re both inspired from the Sktchy app as recommended to me by Michael Lovette. It’s a great place to see other inspiring artists styles and post up your own work.

The pointing finger drawing was with a Sharpie pen, deliberately so I couldn’t go overboard with the details. It looked ok but then I couldn’t resist taking a fineliner to it for some thin lines. I actually combined two images, removing Rick’s head from another photo to join onto the pointing finger.

The ballpoint one was purely from scribbling, I’d marked out some very basic lines first in light pencil to ensure I left some white areas. It was surprising how much it made my arm and wrist ache, I swapped over to the other hand which worked out great, adding an element of randomness I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise.

And a couple of loosely sketched animals to finish off. The bears I actually drew some time back but they went well with the blue fox.


    • Thanks Mike, and cheers again for the recommendation.

      I’ll be onto finishing off all those “part-dones” in December to clear the decks for the new year so won’t be able to do too many more mini portraits, they’re good fun though – and educational 🤓

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