Figure drawing with construction lines and an Instagram race ๐Ÿ

In the Harold Speed book, The Practice and Science of Drawing, there is an exercise on figure drawing and building up the scaffolding lines for construction.

The basic principle is to have one or two vertical lines and then measure out some horizontal points from there, adding more until you have some basic points in place and can then add some angled lines.

These are simply as a guide to aim for accurate proportions and on the finished piece would be erased. ย In this case they are left in for demonstration purposes, to my mind the drawing actually looks better half-finished and with these lines in place.

Anyway, having some degree of success with that copying the man on the right I then applied the same principle to a couple of more erm… contemporary figures.

Can you use these ancient skills to draw Spongebob? Well, it appears you can, he looks fairly well proportioned to me. ย Though to be fair you could probably get wrong and not tell the difference.

I posted both to Instagram at exactly the same time and with the same hashtags to see which would get the most “likes” within 24 hours.

By one point the old guy won so he gets to go on display in the gallery.


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