Harley, fineliner pen drawing on glossy photo paper.

I thought I’d give these coloured fineliners a try on glossy photo paper, figured it would work well on the bright white photo paper.

Very tricky to do though, the pens were sticking to the paper as if it were almost rubbery.  And after a few lines the pen would stop working, as if it had run out of ink but then when used again on a piece of plain paper it would work just fine after a bit of scribble.

So, that’s how I ended up drawing him.  Doing a few lines until the pen stopped, scribble on a piece of scrap to the side to ‘wake up’ the pen and then a few lines more.  It therefore took twice as long to complete, probably more!!

Lesson learnt, I won’t be using those pens on this paper again.  I think I’ll experiment with some other pens or maybe paints on it though – the ultra-white glossy finish should lead to some vibrant colours I think.



  1. Yeah, I’d never worked with them either – this was my first drawing with them. In fact, that stands as my only drawing with them I think, I can’t remember doing any others since.

    I bought them on a whim after seeing someone’s amazing work on Instagram. Somehow they have them blending into any colour of their choosing, creating photo-realistic artwork, etc.

    I say ‘somehow’ because I excitedly experimented with the colour mixing in the first five minutes of opening the pack and evidently it’s one of those miracle processes that seems to require five years of daily practice to acquire. I’ve got plenty of other learning to do higher up my priority list so other than this drawing they’ve remained tucked away for a later date.

    These colours are really very different from the real dog but I think the way the brain works it makes up for those wild differences. He’s instantly recognisable from the drawing so to my mind it was “mission accomplished” 🙂


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