Mobile phone drawing – part II

This is a continuation of last week’s post about drawing on your phone. 

Initially I saw phone drawing as an option for when you want to do a drawing but don’t happen to have the pen and paper to hand. Better to practice something rather than nothing and not let the opportunity pass by. 

I mentioned that I generally enforce rules upon myself to ensure the drawing experience is as authentic as possible. 

Having said that, it’s also fun to have a play around with some of the effects afforded by the expertise of the app’s programmer. Just to let your hair down, have a bit of fun. Have a go with the fancy paint brush tools, as long as you don’t then convince yourself you can paint – nothing will beat real world practice with real world messy tools 😆

This one was drawn from a bench in a London park. 

Copying a on a hotel wall.  

Copied from an art book I think – my braincells have faded since 😕  

Quick 10 min mountain sketch. 

This one took a few sessions, here’s the build up stages. 

I guess the process is similar with a real painting, build up the main shapes… 

…add details and delete a tree or two, working with the composition, those clouds took foreeeeever… 

…decided she needed a bit of company to enjoy the view…

…and that’s that. Considering that was drawn on a screen smaller than the palm of my hand it’s obvious that there’s a lot of zooming in and out. 

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