Furry cat in pencil

Remember the kitten from a couple of week’s back?  Fast forward several years and here she is again.

The biggest challenge was how to represent the fur which is thick and multi-layered.  In addition to this is the need to try and render the fine whiskers.

The whiskers were done by not drawing them…  not drawing? what’s that?  As it’s on white paper it was a case of drawing everything around the bits you want to keep white.

There is also the option of erasing the fine lines afterwards,  and indeed I did do this on some areas of the drawing.  However you may find that some the graphite will remain on the paper and not get you back to that full white.

If I were to re-draw this again I’d be inclined to explore the effects of maybe using charcoal and painting white (or greyish) gouache for the fine hairs.  Also those eyes would probably look better with a reflective highlight.  The eyes on the original image were completely black so that’s what I replicated in this particular drawing.

Normal graphite pencils don’t photograph that well, they have a reflective sheen so I apologise that this upload doesn’t look as good as the actual drawing.

20130329 07.48.26-01-02

HB and 2B pencil on A5 (210 x 148 mm) sketchpad.


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